For Patients:

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Whether there’s conflict between you and your teenage son, a rough patch in your marriage, or some nagging anxieties that make it hard for you to live the life you want to live, we have a space for you to talk through your situation. Perhaps you are looking to learn more about yourself, get help making decisions, or take some time for personal growth. All of this is possible at House Psychiatric Clinic. Psychotherapy, or “therapy” for short, looks different depending on your needs. Here are a few things at the core of all therapy work:

  • A warm and friendly face
  • A listening and understanding presence
  • A knowledgeable and dependable professional

We offer therapy for adults and children, for couples and for whole families. If you’re not sure who should come to your sessions or what you’re supposed to talk about, our counselors will walk you through the process. Depending on your goals, we usually see therapy as some combination of practical solutions to help our clients reduce their discomfort, and a courageous look at some of the background issues that can get us into trouble in the first place. Our training and experiences with clients of all sorts of backgrounds has shown us that this is the most effective for short- and long-term improvements.We look forward to journeying with you into healing.

We work with a number of insurance companies and offer private pay options to fit a variety of financial situations.