For Patients:

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Medication evaluations are performed by our psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners. Whether you are suffering from anxiety or depression, bipolar disorder or ADHD, we work with you to find the best medication for your specific concerns.

Initial medication evaluations generally last about one hour; however, additional appointments may be needed to clarify the diagnosis and best treatment approach. We ask that you come prepared with a list of your current medications as well as your personal health history. If you have taken medication for mental health in the past (antidepressants, mood stabilizers, etc), we ask that you provide that information as well. There is no “cookie cutter” approach to medications; we attempt to tailor the medication treatment to the individual patient. The more we know about you and your health history, the better we can advise you about medication options.

Medication follow-up appointments are usually brief. We focus on your current symptoms, the medication’s effectiveness, and any negative effects you may be experiencing. Your prescribing clinician will set a follow-up schedule to maximize your treatment.